Procurement schemes

We've depicted algorithm of public procurement system Prozorro according to laws and other regulations

According to the Law of Ukraine on Public Procurement, type of procurement process is determined by the tender threshold value, which is defined in the Annual Plan. Defined thresholds (part 1 of Article 2 of the Law) vary depending on the nature of the procurement subject (division on works and goods/services) and the type of contracting authority (ordinary contracting authority (CA) and CA who operates in specific areas (paragraph 4 of Part 1 of Art. 1 of the Law))

Below threshold procedures described in order SE "Zovnishtorhvydav Ukraine" №35 from 13.04.2016.

Features of procurement for the defense needs are established by a other regulation – the Law of Ukrane "On peculiarities of procurement of goods, works and services for the defense needs"

Detailed schemes for each process according to the division on competitive and noncompetitive procurement are presented below. Scheme of procurement process for the defense needs presented separately.
We thank Myroslav Opyr (developer Quintagroup), Liliya Lahtionova (Deputy Director of Public Procurement Regulation MEDT) and Pavlo Kyriyenko (defense procurement expert) for assistance in procurement schemes preparation.

Thresholds in procurement, depending on the procurement subject and type of CA

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